can we have access to the Raw/unedited files?

Unfortunately no, I don’t give those babies out. But for good reason! During any session or wedding day, I take A TON of pictures, and part of my process is to go through each and everyone one of those pictures and pick the cream of the crop. That means I take out all the blinks, sneezes, blurred movement photos and deliver the best of the best pictures to you. I promise, I ain’t holding anything back.

how long does it take to get our photos?

For an engagement session, or anything else other than a wedding day, I typically deliver images between 2-3 weeks.

For weddings, my timeframe is 4-6 weeks delivery time for your online gallery.

how many photos can we expect to receive?

I am a true believer in quality over quantity so while this isn’t my favourite question to answer, I typically give a range of about 50-60 images per hour of shooting. This goes for engagement sessions or wedding days.

we want to book, but what do we do next?

Yay! How exciting! First things first, head over to my contact page to fill out some information and let’s see if I am available for your date! Let’s set up a coffee date, chat, and get to know each other :)